The Host With The Most: Moderate Your Next Panel Like A Pro

The Host With The Most: Moderate Your Next Panel Like A Pro


PODCAST: Hack Your Knowledge: Mindset When Developing Your Brand and New Business

Hack Your Knowledge: Mindset When Developing Your Brand and New Business



This is what is going through my mind right now. As I enter into the new year.

Managing the multiple layers of things that all need to happen at once.
Developing Content
Community Building
Customer Service
Asset Acquisition
Working your real 9-5
Being A Mess and Living Life a Beautifully imperfect Human life

AND opening this New Year with a BANG!

What are your hopes for 2017. What were you super proud of in 2016!? Leave your Comments below!

The Story Behind: Speaking at Fresh Start

When ya boy shares that hes making power moves – You share it with the folks that need I most. Congrats Bro!

Im trying to be on your level in 2017.

A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group

As we quickly march into 2017, I’m super excited to announce that I have been booked for my first official public speaking engagement at the 2017 Young Adults Fresh Start Conference. The Fresh Start conference will take place on Saturday January 14, 2017 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm at the Harvest International Pentecostal Church of Christ in Newark, NJ. I am honored to be speaking alongside of Pastor Ryan Faison, Elder Evans Pierre, and Minister Nyle Fort.

I was invited to speak at The Fresh Start conference thanks to one of the organizers, Garmeterick Moore whom I met this past summer (2016) in Newark, NJ while driving for Uber. Who would have thought that I would end up meeting a complete “stranger” in my second summer driving for Uber who would eventually offer me my first public speaking engagement? Oddly enough, although I am super thankful, I…

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Intimidation personal assistant – SoundCloud

Podcast SkoolHaze – Intimidation Pt. 2
The Volunteer Personal Assistant


Part one can be found here.

Listen to Intimidation personal assistant by Skool Haze #np on #SoundCloud

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Barber Launches Britain’s First Black Owned Grooming Brand

Check them out when you get the chance.


Aaron1Entrepreneur Aaron Wallace

Entrepreneur Aaron Wallace has launched Britain’s very first black owned grooming brand, specifically tailored to black men.

After opening his Croydon based barbershop Shear and Shine in 2014, Aaron felt that there was something missing within the grooming market.

He says:

“I always felt that black men were overlooked in this area and with male grooming becoming more and more important, I saw an opportunity to serve my community.

Through Shear and Shine Grooming, I want to provide everyday solutions to grooming problems that I know us men often face”

Afro-Caribbean skin and hair is notoriously known for having its own set of common problems that require different treatments to its European counterparts.

While there are limited solutions available in the market for black men, Aaron feels that too often there is a lack in diversity and choice. This is why he is determined to become a market…

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