Writing for the need, but what’s the need? – BEDA Day 29 of 31

Writing for the need, but whats the need?

That is the question. What do the people want? whatever it is I what to give it to them. All purpose, no arrogance.

Ive been purposed with developing and holding a conference, a gathering. This year. A gathering featuring wellness speakers. From differemt genres and areas of expertise. The gathering would be in aervice to 200 participants.

I didn’t initially think about price. However, I do believe an admittance price of $30 would allow for appropriate, and an attention to look and feel of the gathering as my homegirls would say.

Right now, I envision an hour long opening session, an hour long time slot with 3 different sessions, another hour long time slot with 3 workshop variations, followed by an hour long closing session.

4 hours in total. Thats a task. I’m nervous, but I actually know this can happen. I have a family that has already offered support. Supportive friends that I’ve met. They push me beyond my limits. That means at least minimum 4 different facilitators, 1 for opening speaker, 3 additional for rotating workshops sessions, closing speaker.

Ideally I would want 4 – 6 workshop facilitators. It’s a declaration.

It’s a stretch!
But im a soul man.
I’m connected to my soul – man.
I actually know i can pull this off.


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