Creating a Black Homestead No Matter Where You Live

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What is a Homestead exactly?

The legal definition is:  A person’s permanent home or property that includes the land on which the home stands on and other adjoining building or property.

My simple definition is: Living independently (as much as possible) by doing for self.

Growing up in the islands, we had a homestead that included sugar cane fields, lots of livestock, coffee beans, cocoa bushes (chocolate), coconut trees, mango trees, green banana trees and so many fruits you didn’t know which one to eat first. We never heard of one person starving to death because food literally seemed to grow EVERYWHERE. One morning you’d wake up and go in your backyard and see calaloo (African Water Spinach)

growing out of nowhere.

We’d pick a few things for breakfast while my father, brother and uncles ventured to the marketplace for fresh fish. My aunts, a professional candy maker and a…

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