Survival Tip # 1


I made one about two years ago and forgot about it because I was too lazy to fully activate it. Lets just say it completely saved my life and came through in the clutch right when I needed it. I used ING Direct. Its not hard to make at all. I went from just researching to having an account set up to withdraw $25/every 2 weeks in a matter of minutes. You can compare and contrast between the two accounts I’ve posted below. Truth be told I don’t know much about interest rates and stuff like that so I chose ING Direct because the site looked easier to manage. I also tried to choose a bi-weekly withdrawal amount that I wouldn’t miss being deducted every few weeks. But also something that would also eventually add up nicely over time.

In the two years time the account accumulated to roughly $1,000. That may not sound like much, but it was key in getting me over the last 3 weeks of the summer, before our first Department of Education paycheck came in. Do yourself a favor, if you have a steady income right now, do a little math – figure out how much you can stash away from yourself – put everything else on hold and go make yourself an account right now!

You’ll thank yourself later!

ING Direct

American Express Personal Savings


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